Why I am a Christian

No Christian website is complete without a testimony. In particular, when it comes to an apologetics website such as this one, many people probably wonder about the site owner's background. So why did it take me eight years to put one up? No idea. I just happened across an article on the subject on rationalchristianity.net today, which I had actually read before, and decided to get to it.

I went to a Christian school all the way from kindergarten, so I can't say that I became a Christian after examining the evidence. I became a Christian first and examined the evidence later. I made the conscious decision to become a Christian at the age of seven, so I obviously hadn't looked at other religions or considered arguments against Christianity. In all honesty, I became a Christian because of what my teachers told me and because I trusted them.

So I guess what I would like to discuss is not why I became a Christian, but why I remain one. My first encounter with arguments against Christianity was in middle school. Contrary to what evolutionists and liberals would have the population believe, Christian schools do teach evolution. It's not watered down, either. (We have to understand it in order to pass standardized tests.) The only difference is that we're also provided with an alternative—special creation. Of course, at a Christian school the teacher believes in creation, so obviously the lesson is biased in favor of creation. Nevertheless, we are given both arguments and allowed to choose between the two, whereas in public schools children are taught dogmatically only one worldview.

This was my first exposure to apologetics, and I guess the first time I realized that some people don't believe in God. A guest speaker got me seriously interested in the creation/evolution controversy. I ended up signing up for monthly newsletters from the Institute for Creation Research, and I have kept up with the developments on the creation research front ever since.

I mentioned earlier that I attended a private Christian school. Due to circumstances beyond my control, however, I had to switch to a public school for my junior year of high school. This was the time that I had to really decide what I believed. Going to a Christian school, it was easy to wear Christian t-shirts and pray before meals. It wasn't going to be so easy to do that at a public school. I knew I needed to make a decision before I started my first day of school or I would be influenced by peer pressure. My favorite singer at the time was Bobby Brown. On the morning of the first day of school I put out two t-shirts. One with Bobby Brown and the other with a Christian theme. Looking back, it was a trivial thing, but at the time it was a life-changing decision. I chose the Christian t-shirt, and I imagine I was immediately branded as a bible-thumper.

The public school presented me with many different views, and I had the opportunity to weigh the strengths of opposing ideas. I have been convinced ever since that a Christian worldview makes more sense than any of the alternatives. Even a state university education couldn't convince me otherwise.

In a nutshell, here is my logic for being a Christian along with links for those who are interested:

1. The universe was created by one God

2.  If God did not communicate with humans from the beginning, he either did not have interest in us or does not love us. 

If God is to be worshipped, he must be a God of love (what's the point of worshipping God if he doesn't love us?). Belief in God is pointless if one is not going to worship him.

4.The only ancient religions that teach that God has revealed himself since the time man was first created are Christianity, Judaism and Islam. (I'm not interested in new religions, because if they're new it means that they're man-made.) 

5. If the Bible is accurate in its portrayal of Jesus (and I believe it is), then Christianity is the only way to worship the true God.

I don't personally have all the answers, but the answers I have studied on both sides of the issues concerning 1 to 5 above have led me to conclude that the Christian worldview best explains the world around us.

Check the links page for other resources that have been helpful to me.